About the Selsem brand

Selsem soybeans have existed since 1973. Since then, leading experts have been developing soybean varieties looking for those with the highest yield, resistance to diseases and unfavourable growing conditions.

As of 2011, Selsem has been a part of Delta Agrar. Seed processing is performed in the Delta Seme processing plant in Sombor, on modern machines, and using tested technology. At the end of this journey, we get uniform quality seeds, which have the prescribed germination capacity, germination energy and the weight of 1.000 seeds.

Thanks to the proven quality, the Selsem varieties have been present on foreign markets for 15 years already. Our soybeans are sown in 11 European countries, and Selsem has also been present on the American market, for the second year in a row.

Ode to Soya

I stroll across Her green

fields and 5000-year-old secrets

I stroll through my dreams and my reality

embraced by Her

And the moment I start believing that I have

come closer to Her heart, She sends me back

to the beginning, to obtain

fresh insights by following new paths inside Her.

And so… for years… for decades now

in the shadow of her pristine beauty

I have lived

Vladan Plazinic, PhD